Boundary-less Innovation

Companies outside of Silicon Valley can access the same "digital creativity" that underpins the above disruptor's formula thanks to boundary-less innovation.

Significant competitive advantages are possible only by implementing the formula in-house via an agile digital innovation lab...

Outsourced Innovation = Death March!

Traditional innovation consulting is broken. Tech moves too fast. We help create in-house innovation labs that apply digital creativity (e.g. AI, IoT) directly to hard business problems. This works because:

1. Your machine:

Only the orgs who can deliver their own interpretation of the disruptor's formula directly to their business will win. Think of a lab as building your own self-driving innovation machine rather than hailing a cab ("old school innovation").


2. Your blend:

Thanks to emerging trends in boundary-less labor, tools and tech, it is possible for traditional orgs outside of Silicon Valley to create their own blend of digital-creativity ingredients rather than pre-canned ingredients ("old school innovation").


3. Your Direction:

AI, IoT and digital creativity are not magic. Results come from applying them through the lens of design-thinking. A lab empowers you to set the direction of your self-drive machine rather than rely on others ("old school innovation").

Our Services:

Interpret offers a range of services to help an org deploy their own "digital creativity" lab and framework to sustain Continual Digital Transformation instead of stop-start innovation.

We do this via interventional services and technological curation.