Our Process

Our Process

We are not innovation theorists - we continually design, invent and build.

We don’t rely upon dazzling you with a "purple cow", "tipping point" or some fancy innovation framework or theory.

We rely upon the numerous patents, products, innovation strategies and ideas that we’ve personally forged for some of the world’s leading brands, like O2, Google, McLaren, Motorola, TiVo, Lytro, WD-40, Nokia, Vodafone, Disney Research, and many more.


1. Interpret

We first interpret the problem space using various analytical and design-thinking methods used in Silicon Valley. We propose a continual-delivery innovation strategy using our 3-element formula (below) to figure out where and how to innovate using 8th wave technologies.

2. Invent

Using data-driven loops and design interpretation, we propose key technological capabilities, typically involving AI, IoT or similar adaptive technologies, and then demonstrate how they will transform the org.

3. Ignite

Using the latest thinking and techniques in agile execution, we ignite the transformation by curating carefully selected technology partners and talent to form a continual delivery ecosystem.

What happens in the mind is what really matters.
Creative technological thinking creates markets.


Our guiding principle: innovation performance is best driven by focussing relentlessly on design, technological opportunism and data (evidence).

Our Formula

Our design and innovation process is guided by three essential elements.


Data-Driven Loops

We use methods as close to scientifically valid as possible. We use the principles of cost-effective experimentation loops, driven by actionable data and cognitively coherent hypotheses, to create a continual-delivery transformation strategy.

We augment Silicon Valley "continual delivery" innovation methods with cognitive insights, mostly from “behavioral economics,” to ensure that actions are taken according to available data and rational decision frameworks, eliminating biases and self delusions that tend to plague organizations.

We are skeptical of "facts".

Design Interpretation

Design is not an aesthetic afterthought. It is foundational. We adopt the design-driven tradition of companies like Alessi, Ferrari, Ideo, Braun and Apple. Our co-founder, Rick Lewis (Braun Design winner), is schooled in design via the labs of Philips, Frog and Ideo. He also teaches design in Silicon Valley.

Design interpretation is turning all of the available data, insights and tech know-how into a meaningful design narrative to guide the transformation process.

In particular, we tend to interpret problems in light of real-time intelligent technologies, like AI, Internet of Things and data science.


Technology Curation

The current (8th) wave of Silicon Valley innovation, like AI and data science, is fueled by access to scalable computing and software power, often at nearly zero cost. The size of our tech levers would make Archimedes blush.

Many traditional orgs don't realize how easy it is for them to access the same technology levers as the disruptive geeks designing self-driving cars and Siri-like bots. 

However, most traditional orgs (and even many newer ones) simply don't know how, when or why to access these technologies.

We curate the right technologies for you and the means to access them via nimble scale-ups.

Our Founders

Rick Lewis

Rick has been a design leader in Silicon Valley for over 20 years. He taught design at Stanford to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Additionally, as a professor at the CCA, Rick helped design to become part of the modern business lexicon. He was recruited by Hartmut Esslinger as one of the early design thinkers at the legendary Frog Design.

Rick has worked at the prestigious IDEO (Palo Alto) and Philips Design (Eindhoven) and has designed many iconic Silicon Valley products from smart pens to wearables.

Rick is winner of many prestigious design awards, including the coveted Braun Prize.

Find out more about Rick.

Paul Golding

Paul is a genuine polymath. He started out as a chip designer at Motorola, inventing (and patenting) an AI computing technique that has since been used in trillions of cellular phone calls. He invented the world’s first wireless email system and wrote the world’s first mobile applications book. His pioneering work led to the award of an extra-ordinary ability visa to work in Silicon Valley. He is also a philosopher, screen-writer and novelist.

Paul’s recent work involves the design of AI techniques to model what we see when looking at art (to boost e-commerce sales at Art.com) plus the design of an IoT digital art decor device for the home. He has founded numerous innovation labs in Europe and Silicon Valley and recently used IBM Watson to build a "creativity bot" that can suggest new ideas based on Paul's substantial corpus of digital notes. 

Find out more about Paul

Not Your Usual Innovation Consultants...

We Are...

Hands-on: we are experienced inventors and designers with a real track record in innovation and innovation labs. We still invent, build and deliver real products for demanding clients.

Productive: we move fast using silicon valley mojo.

Precise: We strive to use science, logic and data wherever possible, shunning cognitive biases, buzzwords and empty slogans that only empty your wallet.

Connected: Our global network spans VCs in California to widget makers in Shenzhen and artists in Spain. We are also versed in art, philosophy and a gamut of big ideas that help with creative synthesis.


We Are Not...

Slide-junkies: we don’t take your money to bludgeon you with slides or fancy proposals that leave you with that empty feeling a day later.

Theorists: we don’t pitch frameworks and concepts, although we are versed in many. We deliver actionable information and proposals.

Vague: Those folks who say plenty but leave you wondering: what did you just say? That’s not us. Our experience and thinking is to-the-point and we bill accordingly.

Cheap: Our time, like yours, is valuable. We are active entrepreneurs and citizens seeking impact. We won't waste your time, so you won't waste your money.



Do you work with service companies?

Yes. Our work is not restricted to hardware and software products. Many of our solutions have been service innovations for companies like O2, Vodafone, Disney and ADT Security.

What's your business model?

We charge for consulting using value-based models that include our time, expertise and access to our network. You pay for results, not time. 

We also charge a revenue-share (royalty) in the final solution.

Do I need an innovation lab in Silicon Valley?

No. Many SV innovation outposts fail because they blindly following dogmas rather actual data. We can help you to capitalize on SV methods and talent applicable to your problem space. Access to SV talent might be useful during the project.

Can you help design a killer product?

It's the wrong question. Think of what we do as more help you to employ current technological and design methods that help to create a "killer product" machine. Innovation requires sustained investment and patience. We don't do magic.

Do you run workshops, build labs or build products?

We enable your team to achieve 10x innovation performance using a number of methods depending on the data. There is no one-size fits all. We assume complete CEO advocacy so that thinking big will lead to acting big.

What's your area of speciality?

We have worked across industrial, enterprise and consumer sectors. We focus on underlying techniques that are universal, derived from state-of-the-art cognitive science, design thinking and tech know-how, epsecially in data science and AI.

Passionate, bright and filled with big ideas and most importantly a whole systems thinker.

Ivy Ross, VP of Design (Google)

Uncanny ability to draw a bigger picture from any concept and an enthusiasm to present it well.

Alex Linde, Director Mobile Advertising (Yahoo)

A brilliant grasp of the technical opportunities … and a real passion for driving breakthrough change.

Derek McManus, COO (O2 UK)

Excellent out-of-the-box thinker and a real visionary.

Dick Snyder, Director Marketing (Alcatel Lucent)


Drop us a line anytime. We will be happy to discuss your innovation objectives.