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What is the design-led future of
Hotel Services
in an AI powered world? (Global Hotel Chain)

Example Innovation Vectors:

  1. “Robo-guest services”,
  2. AI guest agents,
  3. Hotel-as-a-platform,
  4. Smart logistics,
  5. Hybrid “hotel-airbnb” hosting,
  6. Auto-concierge,
  7. Pop-up hotels,
  8. Auto check-in,
  9. Smart event management etc.

What is the design-led future of
Home Cleaning
in an AI powered world? (FMG Cleaning Goods)

Example Innovation Vectors:

  1. Home automation,
  2. Robot vacuums/cleaners,
  3. Air-pollutant monitoring,
  4. Surface pollutant monitoring,
  5. Fridge odor detection,
  6. Smart trash cans,
  7. Smart recycling,
  8. Intelligent dispensers,
  9. Mold sensors,
  10. Smart-home integration (Wink, Samsung) etc.

What is the design-led future of
Financial Well-being
in an AI powered world? (Bank)

Example Innovation Vectors:

  1. Hybrid robo-advisors + human touch,
  2. Automated lending,
  3. Smart risk models,
  4. “Lending as a platform” - the “square” of POS lending for smaller retailers,
  5. Hybrid P2P lending models,
  6. “Smart-wallets” with blockchain ledger, etc .

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Our Founders


Rick Lewis: Design

Rick has been a design leader in Silicon Valley for over 20 years. He taught design at Stanford to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Additionally, as a professor at the CCA, Rick helped design to become part of the modern business lexicon. He was recruited by Hartmut Esslinger as one of the early design thinkers at the legendary Frog Design.

Rick has had his own design studio for the past 16 years. Prior to seven02 Rick has worked at the prestigious IDEO (Palo Alto) and Philips Design (Eindhoven) and has designed many iconic Silicon Valley products from smart pens to wearables.

Rick is winner of many prestigious design awards, including the coveted Braun Prize.

Find out more about Rick.



Paul Golding: AI & Data Science

As a silicon-chip designer for Motorola, Paul invented (and patented) an AI computing technique that has been used in trillions of cellular calls. He was also a mobile software pioneer, building the world’s first wireless email system and writing several books about apps. His pioneering contribution to mobile led to the rare award of an unsponsored "genius" visa to work in Silicon Valley.

Paul’s recent work involves leading the AI and blockchain R&D efforts for a leading fintech company in San Francisco and previously the design of AI techniques to model human perception of art (to boost art sales). He also built an AI platform (Telos) for visual collaboration. He has created numerous innovation labs in Europe and Silicon Valley. He is also an IEE prize winner.

Find out more about Paul

Passionate, bright and filled with big ideas and most importantly a whole systems thinker.

Ivy Ross, VP of Design (Google)

Uncanny ability to draw a bigger picture from any concept and an enthusiasm to present it well.

Alex Linde, Director Mobile Advertising (Yahoo)

A brilliant grasp of the technical opportunities … and a real passion for driving breakthrough change.

Derek McManus, COO (O2 UK)


Excellent out-of-the-box thinker and a real visionary.

Dick Snyder, Director Marketing (Alcatel Lucent)